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Online GAR System : Aopa Announcement
Three plus years of AOPA work came to a conclusion at 09:00 UTC on Monday 8 April 2013.

For all this time we have been working with the Home Office and Border Force (please note Border Force is not the same as Border Agency and continues in existence).

We have discussed issues of inconsistency and different treatments of across Border arrivals, most of all we have engaged in a practical project to try to make things better when crossing the Border.

The new online GAR system was launched on Monday at 09:00 and from that moment you can go to the AOPA web site and fill in a GAR (and cancel one) knowing that you do not have to concern yourself with which office it should be sent to or whether you should copy it to the Police. A One-Stop Shop.

Existing means of submitting a GAR will continue – eg. emails via the NCU, but these as well as faxes, are NOT online and will take many hours to get through. Therefore expect Border Force to be more insistent on their notice periods.

Border Force wish to persuade all pilots to use the online system and to submit their own GAR’s for themselves rather than relying on clubs or airfields who are not in the chain of information.

A great deal of work has been put in to ensure that personal information is secure in the online system and your data is only seen by those authorised. Indeed if the Police are not entitled to see it they don’t! Your online GAR will not be left in a club or airfield in tray.

In all respects for speed and security, the online system is a huge step up.

There are several websites claiming to be offering ‘online’ GARs (including some Police sites). These simply take an online form and create an email – it is then turned into paper at the other end then manually transcribed into the system. This all takes a long time which is why long notice periods are demanded.

Be assured that for some time to come the only direct and instantaneous link into Border Force servers is via the AOPA site or the smartphone apps (Android currently available on GooglePlayStore – search for UK Border – iphone app to come shortly)

AOPA recognises that it has not been possible yet, in this project, to change legislation to improve some of the strange anomalies especially over journeys to the Common Travel Area. AOPA will continue to work with the Home Office and press for simpler procedures and much lower notification times. Meanwhile if you want an easy life use the online GAR.”

Tally Ho... !
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