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Edinburgh SSR Listening CODE
On behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority, I am contacting you in relation to a change of use of an SSR code allocated to Edinburgh Airport. As of 6 March 2014, Edinburgh will use SSR code 0440 as a Frequency Monitoring Code. This will be used in conjunction with frequency 121.2. Both the SSR code and the frequency are already allocated to the airport and the code will be in use within 25nm of the airport.

Frequency Monitoring Codes have been used with enormous success at other UK airports; they are designed to improve situational awareness and decrease airspace infringements. The UK AIP states:

“Listening out squawks, officially known as Frequency Monitoring Codes, have played a vital role in reducing infringements of controlled airspace (CAS) by enabling air traffic controllers to alert pilots if their aircraft looks likely to infringe. Any aircraft fitted with a Mode A/C or Mode S SSR transponder can use these codes. By entering the relevant four-digit SSR code into the transponder and listening to the published radio frequency, a pilot signifies to air traffic control that he/she is actively monitoring radio transmissions on that frequency.” (UK AIP ENR 1.6)

As a local aviation stakeholder this email is designed to provide early information regarding the change. This email will be followed in January 2014 with a formal CAA Information Notice and publicity material to advertise the new SSR code usage.

I have already spoken with most units on the telephone prior to this email but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns.

Kind regards,


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