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Night Flying Taster: Wednesday 19th November 6pm
Night Flying Taster: Wednesday 19th November at 6pm

Have you ever wanted to fly at night time ?
Would you like to add a Night rating to your license ?
Are you unsure of what's required, or whether you would enjoy the experience?
Are you a flying club member?

If your truly interested in gaining a Night Rating, but would prefer to 'have a go' in the circuit with Cptn Mike Smith ( the Night Hawk) then please post your intentions on this forum.

If we can generate enough interest from Flying Club Members, then Tayside will allow each interested person the chance to sample a Night flying taster.

If you've attended all the other Night flying tasters but dont have any notion of gaining the night rating, then beware - Big Brother is watching ! Angry

Hope we can generate enough interest to make this happen - it really is an excellent chance to fly in the circuit with the big shiny lights on the runway.. a great experience to be had!

please let me know if you intend coming along.....
Tally Ho... !
I would be interested in giving it a go. Will need to check my shifts at work before I can say definately yes but more than likely yes.
Hi, I would also be keen for a night flying taster.
Unfortunately I am working on the 19th so wont be able to come Sad
the Night Flying Taster will now be rescheduled to a later date ....

There wont be any Night flying on Wednesday 19th November.

I'll post the new date ( when it becomes available ) on the forums...
Tally Ho... !
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