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Effects of Carb Icing: 22-01-15 @ 6pm
'The effects of Carb Icing' Presentation - Thursday 22nd January 2014 at 6.00pm - Dundee Clubhouse

This Presentation by Jim Watt kicks off a host of essential Talk nights who's aim isnt to test your knowledge, but rather to give
you valuable information to enable you to make better decisions and therefore make you a safer Pilot !
Please attend as many as you possibly can.... You'll enjoy them!

The effects of Carb Icing has far reaching consequences to the aviator and aircraft but, there are measures that you can make on
the ground that can aid a safer journey in the air....

Whether you are a student or an experienced aviator, please come along.
I'm sure you'll learn so much more than you realised at the effects of Carb icing and what to do in the event - realising the
pending signs could save a Forced Landing and your Life !!!

It would be fantastic to see a High turnout for All of the presentations - so please make it a date in your diary to attend one or All
of the Talk nights, You'll be rewarded with knowledge that will both boost your confidence & make your decision making more
precise !

Details of All talk nights can be found in the December issue of the Tayside Flyer which can be located by pressing on
the 'Newsletter ' tab at the top of this page.

Can you please respond to this post on the Forums section if you are attending please.....
Edited by Drew on 20-01-2015 10:41
Tally Ho... !
I'll be there!
Hi Drew
Could you confirm the time of the presentation, i'm unsure if it starts at 6PM or 6:30PM?
I'll be there!
Hi Stuart

it should kick off at 6pm squire ......
Tally Ho... !
I'll be there
Me too
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