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Headsets at Tayside

Pilots should have their own headsets and students need to have their own headset once they are solo.
It is much better for hygiene that everyone has their own headset which can reduce colds and ear infections.

Tayside will continue to supply a headset to trial lesson students and supply students with a headset pre solo.
By the time of going solo and beyond students need to have their own headset.

Headsets can be hired at the club for £15 per day.

Headsets can be purchased from the front desk at a discount of 10% typically on the Pooleys or AFE headsets.
Just order via the front desk.”

We hope you understand this decision is based on reasons for Hygiene & you can appreciate that Tayside Aviation is offering a 10% reduction off the headsets for Pooleys or AFE.
Edited by Drew on 24-02-2015 19:37
Tally Ho... !

Am I right in thinking that all students pre-solo now are hit with the £15 charge per day or is that after the solo the charge comes in?

Hi Ali

Tayside will provide the use of a headset for free, for all students up until the point of going solo.

At the point of solo, the student is expected to provide their own headset.
After solo, the student is expected to provide a their own headset for the remainder of training in the syllabus.

Tayside are offering the hire of their headsets at £15 per day.

They are offering a 10% discount on Pooleys / AFE headsets - Ask Bernadette for more details.

or keep a watch on E-bay as there are some great deals on headsets all the time...
Tally Ho... !
I'm assuming this doesn't apply to the Grob headsets?


Drew wrote:
Hi Gav

Jim said in his original message, "all Tayside headsets"

But I'm not sure whether this affects the Grob headsets or not?
You'd need to ask Jim or Bernadette to clarify if the Grob headsets didn't apply ???

Tally Ho... !
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