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RAF Leuchars Flight Safety Training Day: Monday 1st August 2011

If you've ever wanted to Fly-In to Leuchars then this is your chance !
Raf Leuchars are hosting a Flight Safety Training day from 10.30am till 4pm on Monday 1st August 2011.
Tayside Aircraft have an allocated time slot of between 10.30 - 11am, and you must land within that timeframe, but firstly receive permission from Leuchars Radar.

We have the opportunity to Fly-in, visit ATC, sit in with Military Flight Safety Briefs, Squadron tour, visit Military aircraft and have the chance to talk to their crew, and a possible BBQ ( weather optional ) .

We must supply Leuchars with details of All aircraft Registrations & people attending by 25th July

I need you to book an aircraft, put your name down on the Leuchars poster on the clubhouse Notice-board & also put the names down of any passengers that would definetely like to come along.
( or call Tayside Aviation & ask them nicely if they can add your name to the list ?)

Hopefully we can accomodate all who want to attend by allocating Any spare seats we can.

This is an amazing day out, and very special if you have an interest in Military fast jets at RAF Leuchars....

Hope you can come along.
Edited by Drew on 23-06-2011 11:07
Tally Ho... !
Stewart Eggo
Hi Drew
i am up for this if its as good as last year it will be a super day out. We may have to wrestle for the privilege of landing at Leuchars Military Airfield Scotland UK.
Hi Keith

the weather beat us for Kirkbride, Low Cloud and rain saw off any attempt to attend unfortunately.

The deal for Leuchars is that we get as many names on the sheet for attending, then we try and accomodate the number of passengers with the amount of available seats in the aircraft attending.

The more aircraft attending = the more passengers can attend.

so best to get your name on the Advert on the Notice-board Asap, and hopefully others will join in and book an aircraft....

I cant recommend Leuchars Training day highly enough - its simply breathtaking in every way !
Tally Ho... !
This may be one of the last Opportunities to attend a RAF Leuchars function.... so if your undecided whether to go or not ....
Definitely Go !!!
Tally Ho... !
I tried to book an aircraft for this but unfortunately they dont have any spare to hire out that day to go to leuchars Sad

If your attending this event can you Post your name here please.

Penny can you tell me the Registration number of the Aircraft your taking to Leuchars?
and also the names of your passengers ...?

I Need to Fax Leuchars with the names of all people attending + also the Registration numbers of the aircraft this weekend at the latest.
Tally Ho... !
Hi Drew, I can confirm I'll be there.

See you on the 1st


Not a lot of replies to this thread which makes life difficult for arranging these kind of events.

If you are attending this event and have contacted me to put your name down on the list that was Faxed to Leuchars -
Meet at Dundee Flying club at 9am on Monday 1st August.
We have been allocated a slot for landing at Leuchars at 10.30am ( if your late you cant land)

Best to be at the club early - & get your aircraft ready for departure.

We are currently two seats or 1 aircraft short to allow everyone to attend - But i've asked if one more Warrior could be made available ? .... will receive news as to whether a Warrior is available or not nearer the time.

My suggestion is to meet at the club & if need be, one car will drive to Leuchars with the people that were unfortunate not to have been able to fly there.... At least the 13 people who have stated they want to go - will be able to attend.

see you on Monday morning Wink
Tally Ho... !
Drew, as per email, i will have to pull out of this as im away to Gdansk tomorrow with work. Still hoping i can make the Prestwick trip tho
Leuchars Latest

Slot for landing at Leuchars is 10.30 - Circuit diagrams will be provided on Monday morning.

Due to aircraft availablility, anyone that doesnt already have an aircraft booked, will go to Leuchars in the Tayside Aviation Mini-bus. Leuchars is a fantastic day out, regardless of how you get there.

see you all on Monday morning at 9am in Dundee clubhouse....
Tally Ho... !
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