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RAF Leuchars to go.....
Personally I think its a disgrace to see both Leuchars and Kinloss close down. Thats two thirds of the RAF bases in Scotland !

Lets build a new runway at RAF Leuchars - then a year later plan to close the place down?
what about the local economy ? and the jobs situation...

When was the last time we had a functional Aircraft Carrier ? = nothing at sea with Wings....
Logic would say we would therefore need decent long range capability from coastal bases... Leuchars / Kinloss ?

Does the Politicians forget that Britain is an island ? Raf should play a prominent role in protecting this island.

As for the Falkland islands...... if they get invaded again, we probably wont have much in the way of a Fleet to tackle the problem..... no sea planes to attack / defend..... Army and Navy are getting smaller too...

And as another example of how short sighted these people are....It wasn't so long back we were watching the systematic destruction of Nimrods which were brand new and being fitted out !!!!!!!
So what do we do now for long range surveillance?........Buy a bigger pair of binoculars .... They are the cheaper option.....But im sure eventually the government would try to downgrade that to the Mk 1 eyeball!

Politics versus sense.... its a no brainer...
Edited by Drew on 19-07-2011 17:18
Tally Ho... !
A Williams
Hi Drew

Can i say that i agree with the comments you have posted on the forum, It is a disgrace , And obviously we never learn from history on this island, A lot of people in the past have performed great deeds and many a sacrifice to preserve our way of life throughout our commonwealth, Ummm what would we do without the people who make these monumental decisions?.........Be a lot better off maybe.....? They should bow their heads in shame some of them are not worthy of representing the great people of this country!

Andy W.... West Midlands
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