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Land-away to Prestwick
Hi everyone,

Just a quick question which I'm hoping someone can answer: I've booked a Grob for a double slot and planning to do a landaway to Prestwick as I've not really been down that area much. I was having a look through the Pooleys Flight Guide and I see that a handling agent is mandatory for all aircraft at Prestwick. There is the option between Ocean sky and Greer aviation, does anybody have any suggestion to who is best?

When we went on the fly out to Prestwick to see the NATS centre, what handling agent did people use and was it a case of pre-paying it before arrival?

Thanks very much

Hi Tom,

You won't actually need to use those handling agents as you are able to book in with the Prestwick Flight Centre (where the flying school is). When I was down there on my cross country qualifier last year it was only a £17 landing fee which you pay on arrival at the reception. Just phone them on 01292 476523 for PPR.

pete malone
Hi Tom,
Gavin is spot on. Apron E.
The flight can be done more or less as a straight line. Glasgow are usually happy to give you a clearance from Baillieston to Kilmarnock.
Book out by phone in the aero club for the return trip.
Great, thanks very much guys! :-)
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